Governance/ Services


Keowee Key in Salem, SC is an established community, owned and governed by residents through a well-structured Property Owners’ Association (POA), supported by professional staff and volunteer committees.

Keowee Key is a model of fiscal responsibility. The annual budget is confirmed by community vote. The residents of Keowee Key own all the common property, the water and wastewater utility services, and all the amenities. The community is self-governed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven elected property owners.

Residents are proud of their community and continue to add, expand and update facilities regularly. Recent POA investments include building a new outdoor swimming pool complex, a new Administration Center, adding 4 new pickleball courts, 2 new gatehouses and enhancements to the Leisure Trail.


Keowee Key maintains 24-hour gated and/or guarded entrances, with round-the-clock professional patrols throughout the community.

The District 17 Keowee Fire Department, manned full-time by professional firefighters, is located just outside the gates. In fact, all homes in Keowee Key are within five miles of the fire station and none more than 1,000 feet from a hydrant. These facts, our extremely low ISO insurance rating of 4 and our rare designation as a Firewise Community mean much lower insurance rates for Keowee Key homes.

First Responders Rescue 22/Emergency Medical Teams are available within the gates to Keowee Key residents and their guests.

Welcome to our new members. Click here for our move in guidelines.


No wells or septic systems here: Keowee Key has what many lake communities could only hope for – “city” water and sewer systems.

The municipal-treated Lake Keowee water supplied to Keowee Key is naturally soft, and the tightly regulated wastewater treatment plant protects both the community and the lake environment. This utility is professionally managed and governed by a board of directors chosen by property owners.

Electricity is supplied by nearby Duke Energy at advantageous rates compared to much of the rest of the country. Communications (telephone/cable/satellite/DSL, etc.) are up-to-date and, like electricity, underground.


  • A community refuse pickup service available twice weekly
  • Recycling available within the community
  • Handyman services provided by Keowee Key maintenance staff for an hourly fee
  • Administrative services provided by the Admin staff at specified rates
  • Boat and motorhome storage available on an as-needed basis
  • Boat maintenance services available on a cost-plus basis
  • Two (on-the-water) gasoline pumps available at Keowee Key marinas